The Old Red Lion in Angel remains one of London’s oldest pubs with a rich and colourful history dating back over 600 years. Within that time a host of notorious characters have walked through the pub door’s including figures such as Marx and Lenin. So it’s not surprising that the pub carries something of a reputation as a hot spot for paranormal goings on.

So when we heard about the ‘Knock Knock Club’s’ performance of ‘Last Orders’ as part of the London Horror Festival a mix of paranormal investigation report and delve into the pub’s haunted history we were certainly intrigued. With over 600 years of history and a host of reports we were certainly keen to see how the team would pull it off.

Presented by Reece Connolly, Christopher Keegan and Caroline Buckley the trio present an engaging walk through the history of horrific happenings at the pub. We also get to see and hear reports from patrons and workers who describe a variety of unsettling events that have occurred in and around the tavern.

The team also delve into their experience working with Twilight Ghost Hunts who investigated the pub as part of an all-night vigil. The investigation report is described via breaking the pub down into its separate floors, something which works particularly well and sets up a nice climax to the show. It has to be said some of the first-hand accounts are truly chilling and the show is given all the more gravitas by knowing you’re sat in a venue where these creepy events are said to have taken place.

Undoubtedly some of our favourite elements of the show came in the form of candlelit monologues where the supernatural reports are described in great detail. Accompanied by some fantastic sound design, these were hugely enjoyable and really added another eerie dimension to the night’s entertainment.

All in we really enjoyed the Knock Knock Club’s production of ‘Last Orders’. It’s an impressive accomplishment that undoubtedly borrows elements from shows such as Ghost Stories to present a unique and engaging way of both informing and chilling the audience in equal measure. Make sure you catch it whilst it’s showing