766168_35043181The Abbey Inn – Haunted? Or Just a Myth? Kirsty Marks intends to find out!

The Abbey Inn Leeds is a small, quaint little pub located next to the canal. Its exterior is homely, quaint and completely styled in a traditional, old pub style. Dating back to 1836, this stunning building is steeped in history with many rumours of the hidden tunnel linking it to the nearby Kirkstall Abbey, which has yet to be found.

Around 2 years ago i was lucky enough to visit this place with a previous paranormal team for a night of investigation. Little did i know what a night it would be.

Being a sensitive, i do try to not read into too much about a location, however The Abbey Inn was certainly one of these locations that lives up to its expectations, and to its name of Leeds most haunted pub. even being a sensitive, i do try to rationalise any surrounding phenomenon before concluding this is paranormal.

The Abbey Inn has been long used as a mortuary, a pub, and many other uses during its day. Its crammed walls of posters hide deep dark secrets that have plagued the pub.

Voices and shadows are often seen of the lost cavalier and his wife and child who perished in the pubs old ruins, disembodied voices are often seen. Just what would you encounter?