In the sleepy Gloucestershire village of Wotton-under-Edge, something beastly has been stirring for centuries and centuries. Welcome to the Ancient Ram Inn, a twelfth century bed and breakfast that is believed to be Britain’s most haunted hotel. This quirky little Cotswold cottage is thought to be haunted by no fewer than twenty separate ghouls and spectres.

It might sound like a bit of harmless fun, but you’d be shocked at the things that go on here. The owners of the B&B have welcomed thousands of curious visitors over the years, but most seem to have bitten off more than they can chew. One visitor, who unsurprisingly wishes to stay anonymous, actually leaped from a first floor window in fright after he heard the sound of a child screaming.

There have been no injuries as a result of the ghostly activity at the Ancient Ram Inn, but the spooky figures that walk its staircases, hallways and guest bedrooms certainly aren’t trying to make friends. Caroline Humphries, whose family has lived in the inn for almost fifty years, has heard every story in the book. She’s regularly inundated with tales of crying spectres, hovering apparitions and screaming ghouls who don’t seem to enjoy the constant company.

It’s very easy to take the stories that surround the Ancient Ram Inn with a pinch of salt, but they are extremely regular and extremely pervasive. Lots of guests have reported the same sightings, figures and sensations during a stay at this otherwise rather charming hotel. It doesn’t help that the B&B is confirmed as being built on the sight of a pagan burial ground. Or that Caroline Humphries’ father stumbled upon a series of daggers and small bones buried at the base of the building.

The Ancient Ram Inn is so haunted that its spectres have become rather familiar to the many ghost investigators and horror writers who regularly stay there. One of these spectres is referred to as Rosie – she is believed to be the spirit of a young girl murdered on the original burial site. There’s even rumour of an incubus wandering the bedrooms of the inn, looking for vulnerable prey.

If you don’t know what an incubus is, don’t worry – all that you’ve got to know is that you do not want one in your bedroom. An incubus is the male equivalent of the more well known succubus – a disgruntled spirit that shows a disturbing proclivity for inter-corporeal relations. Let’s be honest, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve been confronted by a horny ghost. And yes, it has happened to a guest at the Ancient Ram Inn.

An unfortunate female guest was reportedly pushed onto a bed by an unexplained presence, before presumably fleeing and never returning to Wotton-under-Edge again. Guests have reportedly seen furniture fly around bedrooms, small children wander the hallways and wooden beams vibrate as if electrified. Despite this, eager ghost hunters are queuing up for a room at the Ancient Ram Inn.

It’s just as well really – the Humphries have become rather resigned to the idea that nobody will ever buy their little hotel. After fifty years of things going bump in the night, the Gloucestershire family have gotten used to their ghostly visitors. They still don’t like them, but they’ve carved out a strange symbiotic existence with these belligerent ghouls. Carol Humphries now runs the B&B as a specialist hotel, designed for those seeking paranormal experiences.

Do you think that you could last the night at the Ancient Ram Inn? You might believe that you have nerves of steel, but there’s a good chance that you’ll be out of the door just as soon as that first cold hand wraps around your ankle. These are the things that nightmare are made of – dare you spend an evening with them?