There will always be people who don’t believe in ghosts, and there will always be people who take the presence of otherworldly spirits for granted. These two groups of people couldn’t be any more different, but it’s clear that they’d both react the same if confronted with a haunted house. It’s very common for those who don’t believe to be changed by the experience of living in a restless home.


Unfortunately, there’s no real way to tell whether or not a house is haunted before you move in – that’s why very old houses and buildings with a violent history tend to be avoided like the plague. It’s a situation that almost anybody can find themselves in and all of the horror films in the world really can’t prepare you for it.

On the other hand, it’s important that you don’t instantly fly into a panic if you find out that a person did die in your home. There’s a 99.9% chance that your home is as peaceful as anybody else’s. If you do find yourself in the minority, however, there are some things that you can do to make life a little easier for your family.

Here are some tips that you can use to help you live in a haunted home.

Be Sensible – it’s important that you don’t get yourself too worked up over what you think might be ghostly goings on. Chances are, that light bulb flickering in the hall is only doing so because of fluctuations in the power lines. It’s something that happens to all houses, from time to time. Stay calm and focused, if you want to really distinguish between the ghostly and the mundane. It’s not enough to jump out of your skin at every single bump and shuffle.

Keep A Journal – lots of paranormal experts advise those living in restless houses to keep a regular journal. If you’ve got a track record of every suspicious incident, you’re much more likely to convince others of your situation – if this becomes necessary, of course. It’s also a great way to get a little bit of distance from the emotional aspects of a haunted house. Once you’ve acquired a fair amount of journal entries, read them back and see if you change your mind about any of the incidents.

Don’t Be Scared – even if there is something a little bit strange about your home, there’s an even tinier chance that you will be in any danger. It is extremely unusual for homeowners to experience genuinely frightening or dangerous phenomenon, so don’t let yourself panic – especially if we’re only talking about the odd noise or ‘misplaced’ item. There’s no need to be frightened about an unusual presence in your house, not unless you strongly feel like it wants to cause you harm. Why not try to ignore the strange occurrences and go on as normal?

It’s Just A House – if you do find yourself feeling extremely uncomfortable about living in a particular home or area, it could be time to straighten out your priorities. It is incredibly unlikely that you will ever find yourself having to move home because of a supposed ‘haunting,’ but if you do – try to let it go. It’s important to realise that real life isn’t like a Hollywood movie. You won’t be followed around town by vengeful spirits if you relocate, and you won’t be advised to find an old priest and a young priest before you do. Let’s face it, if you’re desperately unhappy in a home  it just makes sense to find somewhere better suited to you – ghostly presence or no ghostly presence.