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Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator? That is the question. Some people believe the two are the same, in my opinion they are not. A ghost hunter is someone who believes in the paranormal and is seeking evidence to back up their beliefs. A paranormal investigator may be a believer, a sceptic or even on the fence but their primary aim is to find evidence either for or against the paranormal. As a paranormal investigator you cannot assume the existence of an afterlife, nor can you dismiss it. As a sceptic, folk often think it strange that I also investigate the paranormal but that is why I make this distinction between ghost hunter and paranormal investigator, because the latter allows for my scepticism, but the former does not. A local newspaper recently did an article on team G.H.O.S.T. and out of the whole team they chose a picture of me, the team sceptic, holding a laser thermometer with the heading
“Richard Rockey-Ghost Hunter.”
Needless to say I’ve never lived it down.
The equipment of a paranormal investigator has become somewhat elaborate of late, what with Rempods, EMF detectors, full spectrum cameras and some devices that H G Wells would have been proud of, the trouble is that most of it is pseudo science. The thing is I don’t see it as a negative. Sure, we don’t know if spirits give off EMF, we don’t know if they are replays of the past or if they can be seen only in a different colour spectrum, but then that’s exactly how the world of science works, by trial and error and even sometimes by pure blind luck. Most of the diseases mankind has eradicated has been as a result of experimentation and observation. Most inventions have been born out of chance and inspiration.


We’re always experimenting with different theories, new equipment and even some old ideas. We’ve now started to put our sensors into glass containers, especially the ones with proximity sensors to eliminate human, animal, insect or even dust contamination (a tip of the hat to Harry Price there). At G.H.O.S.T. (with Craig Longson at the helm, a paranormal investigator with over fifteen years in the field) we try anything and everything to prove once and for all the existence of ghosts, because until the paranormal becomes a main stream science (and I wouldn’t hold my breath) then that is the only way, hit and miss.

We’re on a residential investigation at the weekend and several throughout the month so hopefully I will have some good evidence for the next issue. Keep on investigating.