The premise of Nerdblock’s amazing Horror Block subscription series is one countless horror fans have signed up to – and it’s easy to see why. The promise of a monthly goody box of horror based items (everything from clothing to official horror franchise merchandise) is simply way too good an opportunity to turn down – especially starting at just $19 per box!

So it was with a large amount of excitment (and trembling hands…possibly out of fear) that we received our very first Horror Block (from a rather scared looking postman holding a blood splattered box ) and had a chance to check out just what our first Horror Block had in store for us.

The first thing that hits you is the presentation. The company’s branding is amazingly detailed with it’s gruesomely decorated cardboard. But more importantly just how much you get every month for such a low amount!

First of all was the stunning ‘Death is no escape’ Silent Hill T-Shirt. For any fans of the terrifying video game and movie franchise this was a big win. Also the fact it was sent in the correct size!A nice touch by having the team request your size prior to the box delivery.


Underneath this fantastic T shirt we were thrilled to find a Pop Vinyl of Hannibal character ‘Will Graham’ safely locked down with mouth guard in place! We’ve yet to delve into the revered TV series but the detailing, as with all Pop Vinyls is brilliant. These are also hugely hard to find locally so we were really pleased to get a chance to check one out.

FullSizeRender (1)

Following which we delved a little deeper to find a fantastic art print of the classic MGM monster ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon’. We’re big fans of the classic movie monsters so having a print of one of our favourite black and white beasts beautifully illustrated ready to be fixed on our office walls was a hugely exciting find. If this sets the standard then we certainly can’t wait to see what other future prints might bring!

Buried beneath these it was great to see we had a copy of Horror Blocks’ Short Film Festival selection on DVD! As we spend a lot of time in the office going through horror shorts this was a treat treat. Especially with such a variety of horrors on display. Expect everything from ghosts to zombies..and much more. Best viewed late at night with the doors locked!

Then when we’d thought we’d found absolutely everything we were yet again taken back to find a copy of classic horror magazine Rue Morgue, alongside their very own book of ‘Weird Stats and Morbid Facts’…incredible. We’re big fans of ‘Rue’so to get this alongside their very own guide on horror facts covering a wide range of horrific topics was really too good to be true.

As a first taster of the Horror Block service we were hugely impressed with what’s on offer here. Especially for such a reasonable amount! We checked into the costs of the box and worked out individually you’d be paying at least double the amount for all the contents…even if you were even able to acquire it all. Hiven the amount of exclusive items you’d be certainly hard pushed to do so.

If you’re a fan of horror and collectables there’s really no argument. We’ll be keeping you posted on all future blocks coming our way!

Ensure you sign up for yours today!

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