Another month, another Horror Block! Our favourite terrifying Block of horror goodies arriving via a slightly perturbed postman. As we always say, it’s definitely the way to ensure you get prime horror merchandise direct every month – and this month – we’ve been very spoilt indeed.

Upon opening we were greeted by a certain horror trademark’s terrifying smile and green hair adorning this month’s T shirt – nope not that fiend from Gotham. Beetlejuice! A fantastic print with him amidst sandworms and definitely one which will get well worn.



Joining the ‘Juice’ we were absolutely gob-smacked to find an official autographed postcard from those terrifying Grady twins of the Shining – Lisa and Louise Burns! A simply incredible addition, and another example of why Horror Block continues to be at the top of the horror subscription box list.


Tucked under the twins we loved this month’s addition of an official ‘Friday the 13th Jason Plush’ – As resident visitors to the antics of camp Crystal Lake we’re no stranger to the franchise. So an official plush goes fantastically with our extensive DVD collection!


Not to mention another phenomenal addition – a Bluray copy of Rise of the Zombie! We’ve heard some great things about this zombie feature. Plus any zombie film starring Danny Trejo has got to be a winner. Simply unbelievable to get Blurays too.


Of course it wouldn’t be Horror box without Rue Morgue Magazine so as always we were very happy indeed to see our copy. It never fails to give the latest news covering horror movies, books, TV and pretty much everything we love in magazine form monthly.


Lastly – following in the horror vibe we were very happy to see an Evil Dead reference with the horrifically brilliant ‘ notebook of the dead’ – because even between taking down ‘Dead-ites’ with Boom sticks a man’s gotta write – right?


FullSizeRender copy

All in another superb box which has blown away the competition again offering items such as Blurays and limited edition plushes not to mention autographs.

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