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We’re big fans at GBG of supernatural comics, a scene which has undoubtedly had a resurgence of late with the likes of Harrow County and Malevolents.

So when the chance arose for us to check out Joseph Oliveira new supernatural Graphic Novel ‘Ghost Island’ we simply couldn’t say no.


Initially launched as a Kickstarter late last year, Ghost Island was successfully funded by it’s backers and writer Joseph Oliveria. GI’s synopsis tells of a mysterious wealthy entrepreneur who’s enigmatic invitations delivered to a collection of disparate strangers inviting them to a remote island sets the scene for a particularly intriguing story. Especially when that island is filled with tormented imprisoned ghosts.

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The illustration work by Angela Turlione suit the tone of the story well, and there’s some nice panel work. There’s also some decent lettering from collaborator Justin Birch.

We particularly liked the print and design of the graphic novel. It’s clear a lot of care and attention has gone into it. Also the greyscale tone as set’s a great feel for the supernatural scares ahead as always with similar comics.

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The story itself is intriguing and an interesting cross between 13 ghosts, Jurassic Park and House on Haunted Hill. It’s the classic trope and by the end you’ll be sure to be intrigued as to what will happen next. Accompanied with the murky history of the titular character, psychic Josh. There’s clearly a lot more story to come and we’re keen to see just exactly where it will go.


If you’d like to back issue 2 of Ghost Island then keep an eye on Joseph’s work at